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Photoshoot Nov 12th 2011

vtak van


Photoshoot July 24th 2011

Problem, Bruins?

It’s the big headlines here in Montreal.

1600 X 1200 wallpaper:


Taken in raw format in the middle of nowhere.
200mm f11 1/640th ISO 100

100% crop


This is Mocha. She’s 9 weeks old and she’s quite a charmer!

New York City

more to come.

Lauzon dealer wrecks customer’s Gallardo and don’t want to pay!
Let Google inform you that internet is serious business.

As many of you know, I brought my Gallardo to Audi/Porsche Lauzon for a wheel alignment a little over 6 weeks ago.

They took the car for a “test drive”. Witnesses described the speed (on St-Martin in Laval) as incredibly reckless with several redline upshifts (1st gear ends at 112kph, 2nd gear at around 150, and 3rd at about 180. Do the math).

Needless to say they spun it, went over the centre divide, took out a lamp post, and ended up sideways in oncoming traffic on the other side of the road. Between the car and the fallen pole, they managed to block 5 lanes on a busy intersection. Amazing that no other cars were hit. Damages so far are over $60k with shattered rims, snapped spindles, hubs, destroyed axles, bent shocks, control arms, steering, bumpers, entire underside of the car, oil leaks, etc.

Lauzon then proceeded to do.. well, not quite what you’d expect from someone who just wrecked your life savings + 2nd mortgage while you were waiting in the showroom. They wouldn’t even provide a loaner. Then things only got uglier. They wouldn’t let me have a closer look at my car in their lot, they wouldn’t let me talk to their appraiser, their insurance wouldn’t provide me with a rental (for the above reasons I had to claim it on my insurance to have any control over the situation), and when I went to see Michel Lauzon things just got nasty with them blowing off any liability for damages.

After I lawyered up, Lauzon requested I not talk to the media while they worked on a settlement. So I stopped commenting on forums, turned down the Gazette that called me, and didn’t publicize the incident in any way. It’s now been over 6 weeks and they’ve ignored every deadline. Every bit of correspondence from their lawyers basically either implied that they weren’t liable or that my car was worth very little (Not sure how this excuses them, or how they reckon considering the car has been on display at 3 international car shows).

I’m now fed up and am not going to keep quiet about it anymore. I’m basically asking anyone in a position to pressure Lauzon to do so, anyone who is considering buying a Porsche/audi/vw to buy elsewhere, take your car for service elsewhere, and spread the word about how they treat their customers.

I’ve appealed once again to Porsche Cars Canada to mediate the dispute. I’m going to turn the heat up online, in the media, at the forthcoming Montreal auto show, etc.

Please let me know if you’re in any position to help. Even just a reply to this thread with a word of support will show them that people DO care.

I’ve purchased several domains including:

These will go live at the end of this week with all the facts if the situation hasn’t been resolved to my liking.

I want to give all you guys a big thanks for all the support and I’ll be owing some rides when this is all settled.


P.S. I want to give huge props to Audi Prestige who will be handling the repairs. The people there have all been fantastic and supportive. They always make time for me whenever I pop in unannounced to check up on the car (which is quite often). If you’re in the market, GO THERE!