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Problem, Bruins?

It’s the big headlines here in Montreal.

1600 X 1200 wallpaper:


Montreal S13

Found on forums.

Montreal F1 Thursday June 10th 2010

Duck tape even in F1 lol

Sauber, so white, so clean

Ohai Rubens Barrichello

Poland. What an ironic combination. Russia and Poland.

HRT Hispania

Virgin Radio Racing

Montreal Auto Show 2010 pictures

In random order



lol@ smile.

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Montreal Auto show 2009

That’s right. MONTREAL. Not Tokyo. Basically, it was a huge dealership. The Fail Big 3 really did step it up the game.

There was the Lancer Sportback vs. Impreza WRX
As much as I hate both looks. Impreza’s interior feels much nicer then the Lancer. The Recaro in the Sportback was nice and hard but it belongs on a LanEvo X. A turbo Lancer with a hatch doesn’t need a stiff Recaro. And the cheap plastic. Arghh lol.

there were the obvious SLR 722, Maybach 62, Elise, Exige R, GT2, GT3 Cup, MurciƩlago, Gallardo.
Fun fact: people gathered around the V8 Vantage and DB9 but no one was amazed by the GT3 Cup.

The 4 pics worth posting on this blog:

Hello world.

Anybody out there?!

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